Tweets about a recent trend: #thinkaboutit

A business man pushes his car to a hotel and tells its owner that he is bankrupt. Why? #ThinkAboutIt #BrainTeaser
Je me rends compte que j'ai ete la pour beaucoup de gens quand ils en avaient besoin mais en retour eux m'ont laché... 🤔🤔 #ThinkAboutIt
RT @LeeN_NLT: People don't deserve credit for doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. Be wary of people's intentions. #thinkaboutit
Het verschil tussen chocolademelk en chocoladesaus is gewoon de hoeveelheid melk. #thinkaboutit #mindblown https://t.co/xZenZbNDhW
Aug 14th 1947 main Pakistan azzad hua <3 Lakin hum Pakistani Pakistan main kub azad hon gaay ? #sk #Insaf #thinkaboutit
Battlefield 1 should have a forced cease fire event on Christmas #thinkaboutit
I hate it when anyone looks at my computer screen without me asking them to, regardless of what's on it. #thinkaboutit
Tell him he's done something well once and he'll never do it with the same love again #thinkaboutit
When Twitter can tell you more about your friends, than they realize. I need to slap a few. #thinkaboutit #toughlove #lovemyfriends
If only people spent half the time that they spend on searching for a s/o as they did on self improvement or career goals #thinkaboutit
#TheWalkingDead season 7 is basically shaping up to be a gory version of "A Bug's Life." #ThinkAboutIt
RT @ShaykhNBaig: Frequently utter this prayer taught by our Prophet ﷺ "O Allah (God) your mercy is greater than my sins". ⁦#thinkaboutit
The main reason I like reddit so much is that no one I know uses it. #thinkaboutit
Old fools, use to be young fools. #ThinkAboutIt #MartinIsm
Taken into account past events, I might just have a future 🤔 #ThinkAboutIt
"You can't bake an awesome pie when you have apples that are rotten to the core....." #ThinkAboutIt
#thinkaboutit Your not asking for to much, your just asking the wrong person to give it to you
Clayton Kershaw is so bad in the playoffs he gave up more points than the 2 NFL defenses tonight have given up combined. #thinkaboutit