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RT @omelete: Tá chegando a hora de #TheWalkingDead e a gente tá como! https://t.co/zAQJA8530v
RT @wendyshepherd: Wow.. when Negan (@JDMorgan) comes on #TheWalkingDead scene... ...just a few minutes til' the new season starts!
If Abraham or Eugene get the bat to the head tonight, that's a steaming pile of copout sh*t @WalkingDead_AMC #Thewalkingdead
RT @FightingJayhawk: #TheWalkingDead season premiere about to start in 5!This is it, don't get scared n- SCREW IT, I'M SCARED NOW https://t.co/QQJ6Q4ROj4
RT @TheWalkingPosts: The Walking Dead comes back on tonight .... So that's a good thing. #TheWalkingDead
Ya nos vamos todos a ver el comienzo de la 7° temporada de #TheWalkingDead https://t.co/bFIEz6fAqV
RT @Parth_Dave: Me currently getting ready for this damn moment. #TheWalkingDead https://t.co/gNYAAYIVNP
RT @NewsOfTheDead: #TheWalkingDead cast at the Talking Dead Premiere Special tonight! https://t.co/llOUtDYG48
Finished my midterm just in time to watch someone get their head bashed in with a baseball bat #TheWalkingDead
RT @KenadiAlishaa: I'm already crying bc of who I think it is and the episode hasn't even started yet #TheWalkingDead
RT @believrev: definitivamente esses são os amores da minha vida #TheWalkingDead https://t.co/DSIzkwVllV
I know who AIN’T dead…Michonne #TheWalkingDead