Tweets about a recent trend: #thatsaproblem

So there's a thunderstorm on #TheExorcist and outside I actually can't tell anymore where the thunder is, real life or tv #thatsaproblem
Since I'm always at work being home today makes me feel bored… #thatsaproblem
Less than half of Applied math students meet ministry standards in Grade 9 EQAO #ThatsAProblem https://t.co/mgXtSQJYz0
I understand what the flag symbolizes for so many Americans but at the same time if you aren't upset your gov't lost 6 Trill #ThatsAProblem
It's always easier for people to push things aside then to actually handle and accept reality. #thatsaproblem
Things I want right now: Ice Cream Things I don't have right now: Ice Cream #ThatsAProblem
@ekarosln have more books to buy than read #thatsaproblem
I wish I could draw the tattoo in my head because I'm not sure I could explain it right #thatsaproblem
#thatsaproblem and one easily solved by putting those officers on bikes instead @Austin_Police https://t.co/y84FEOpVLE
When your best friend asks you to cuddle more than your boyfriend🙄... #Thatsaproblem
Sooo @brysontiller is goin on Tour nd he has no LA location the closes to LA is San Diego 😒 #thatsaproblem
I got an iPhone she got a metro #thatsaproblem
Saw my crush this morning 😍 but I had to walk right past him like he didn't matter 😕 #thatsaproblem
I've worked more than I've slept this week... #thatsaproblem #makinthatmoney
If you don't love me the way I Love you. #thatsaproblem
@RajonRondo So what ur saying is this is how you would speak to someone on any given day? #thatsaproblem #actright #supportbillkennedy
When Peyton comes back, #broncos will still have same O-line and receivers. #thatsaproblem
If I can't recognize you in person from the pics that I seen you posting... #thatsaproblem
When the Muslims in a country like UAE which is pretty modern have ditched your ass @realDonaldTrump #thatsaproblem https://t.co/dIG67l4ebW
I literally got zero sleep last night and am much happier than my coworker... #thatsaproblem
I have so many gifts to wrap...but no wrapping paper 😕🎄🎁 #thatsaproblem
It's too bad our military would spend more on commercials and promotions than they do getting help for those with PTSD.. #thatsaproblem