Tweets about a recent trend: #ThanksButNoThanks

When you get back to your room on your wedding night and the hotel has put jc le roux sparkling in your fridge. #thanksbutnothanks
@bradezone @TeamTrump Already plenty of shale being "unleashed" into our water, not sure we can take more. But thanks! #ThanksButNoThanks
RT @ASK_DST: Reason #99999 why Im happy to see @BarackObama administration come to an end! #ThanksButNoThanks https://t.co/TdPbo5Y0JY
Reason #99999 why Im happy to see @BarackObama administration come to an end! #ThanksButNoThanks https://t.co/TdPbo5Y0JY
RT @andrew_goad: So happy to see ALL of our homecoming pairing get recognized for our win... #ThanksButNoThanks @KSDBFM https://t.co/YJpvQcPUjX
Appreciate that @HelloFresh is trying to win back my loyalty, but @blueapron keeps knocking it out of the park, so #thanksbutnothanks.
Booking your car rental through @SouthwestAir just leaves with headaches and extra charges. #thanksbutnothanks
I've seen all three bands live and they sound great, so ill be avoiding snapchat today where they are brutally ruined #thanksbutnothanks
@voxday @JonahNRO We want no part in the backroom coalitions & acquiescing of party politics for pay going on in DC. #thanksbutnothanks
Last year 15 min early had upass in 30min, this year 30min early estimated 5h wait #thanksbutnothanks 5 stations open at most @SFUO_FEUO
Everyone around me is in love and engaged...meanwhile I'm getting hit on by men 10+ years older than me #thanksbutnothanks
RT @CSPI: .@shoppers: You seem to have misplaced your candy. Please take it out of the produce section. #ThanksButNoThanks https://t.co/tlIDPnzslL
😭😭😭😭🙈 please don't!! #ThanksButNoThanks As you can see we already have our presidential problem! #ShameOnUs https://t.co/piA6jT7gyz
We hebben een erg goed voorstel voor u. Wel maar geldig tot morgen. U moet wel snel zijn! #eni #thanksbutnothanks
When United gives you a $200 voucher for a flight but you don't want to fly with them ever again #lol #thanksbutnothanks
@Millsy11374 No way! I can finally say no more bachelor for me! #thanksbutnothanks
I would love to. However, only 14% of what I donate goes to the ones in need. #thanksbutnothanks https://t.co/o5Ce7lW47e
Old guy pulled out too much money that he bought a round for the whole bar #thanksbutnothanks #livefromtavern
Just so it's clear, my ancestors are not 3.2 million years old. 🙉🙈 #thanksbutnothanks