Tweets about a recent trend: #stopit

NBA playoff race, MLB spring training, NHL playoff race...and ESPN is talking about Tony Romo. #sigh #stopit #heshurtagain #goaway
Loving 2 people makes no sense because if you truly loved the first one there won't be a second one #stopit
the 40 year old's are always the ones to unnecessarily ask questions in class and chat it up with the teach' #weuninterested #stopit
@ShackAttack44 @brandincooks isn't "Brees makes everyone great, essentially, an individual stat? #StopIt https://t.co/OnvylQf96N
Know how it's super annoying when obviously thin people say they're fat? Also annoying is people in their 20s saying they're old. #stopit
You can't make a great point on something then fuck it all up by saying STAY WOKE!? WTF 🤦‍♂️ STOP WITH THE #staywoke BULLSHIT #stopit
Caller, #stopit as long as "we" are sending billions to Israel - German refugees, then we have enough money. .@cspanwj That's it!!
@netflix I love ya, but I'm getting sick of you taking away movies from streaming whose sequels are coming out righ… https://t.co/eVztQP02tw
Nie rozumiem tej totalnej nienawiści która tkwi w Polakach. Ludzie opamiętajcie się! #stopit
#SaveMotoRepublik Bt why @cohsunshinecity? This is a great space & many creatives benefit frm it @MunyaBloggo @MotoRepublik #stopit #263chat
To all the people who wallow in self-pity! #stopit https://t.co/AhPrwglFfo
Please don't post pictures of your horse/pony "schooling beautifully" in a pair of draw reins. It makes you look stupid. #stopit
This commentator has to be a roosters fan #thursdayfooty #NRLRoostersBulldogs he going insane ha #stopit
everybody do drills & everybody got that pack. a body doesn't make you a killer & getting off a 7 doesn't make you the plug. #stopit
@jrburrough thanks legend. Haters are on me about that color. I guess i need to stop wearing light blue shirts & ties too. #stopit
RT @___snobb: Shit be real bad spinning me 🙄#stopit😣😣 https://t.co/fqp30fkdDw