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RT @nissimofficial: In Uman with my brother from another, Lazer Scheiner. We can't thank him enough for his tremendous kindness he does… https://t.co/yqZVAiz6zX
Mistakes are hidden gems that give us character, strength, and the ability to grow. Mistakes are part of the journe… https://t.co/jPDCPLS6zb
All the Bar Method feels tonight getting to meet so many wonderful women and spreading the word about our life-chan… https://t.co/x64ylGx5zv
@MrJackDawg Thank you! Well, from now 132 other people think like me ;) #spreadthelove
RT @fvbiolus: @Yoongiyooo here is my #trivialovechallenge 😂 had to learn it in 10 minutes so I could post in time #RM #bts… https://t.co/gsbR738uIO
Thank you @SteveMaraboli 👏 This is so true. If you care.... tell them, show them. Life’s too short - spread the… https://t.co/JxNFV8ZiOX
RT @MissMaleikoBVP: Have free time? Come stop by my room to add to our shoutout board or our “If I knew I couldn’t fail” poster! I’m tr… https://t.co/p3Ke47lnAK