Tweets about a recent trend: #smalljoys

Also haven’t seen my nephew all week cus he’s been working too lol today we finally have off & he comes in to sleep… https://t.co/c18NmGI3HU
Silently enjoying my coffee while catching up on news. #smalljoys
First time filling up since gas prices dropped. Saved $30 :) #smalljoys
RT @scrabblepooh: My #smalljoys @MooseAllain Chocolate biscuits that are actually all chocolate Clear starlit skies When my homemad… https://t.co/m1ddwqebA0
Found bomb ass grilled jerk chicken strips yesterday accompanied by a lit ass HH. #SMALLJOYS
Thank the Radio Gods. No sports pre-empting my programming today! #SmallJoys Also, the coffee was good, with a Suga… https://t.co/fvxH7dglkq
To my surprise, one of my team members gifted me a Red Bull and a Milky Bar chocolate today. Reason? I believed in… https://t.co/BdDt0wNbpJ
After doing 9 tv interviews in 4 cities in two weeks, there is no better feeling that being able to do a radio inte… https://t.co/cghn7CcMol
We survived till the second new ball. 🤧 #smalljoys #AUSvIND
Watching family feud at PT #smalljoys lol
Briefly talked to a stranger yesterday, lovely little moment #lovethesmallthings #smalljoys https://t.co/drKCz6bGMy
My son bouta be souped he got a labtop for Christmas #smalljoys is what I love ❤️
It’s a very casual tweet to share with you all how casually my triceps suddenly started popping out while I was cas… https://t.co/nLbI0Vwk2y
I filled my car up for $25 😩🙌🏽 #smalljoys 😂
TMW you get all excited about finding a dollar in an old pants pocket and then realize that you’ve become a sad per… https://t.co/bNGzy8isvN
I get a high from a perfect peel on a clementine. #smalljoys
it's been a while since I've felt this good in the morning #smalljoys
In-on ko ang aircon to 24°C, ang sarap ng init! #smalljoys
Bought 2 Corn Muffins Today,I Used To Buy Some Almost Everyday ..Haven't Had Them In A Whileee. #smalljoys