Tweets about a recent trend: #SlapYourself

@BritishGasHelp initial call for breakdown 3rd august... Washing machine gone even worse after these cowboys came along.. #slapyourself
I don't trust any grown ass woman who uses #Snapchat filters and still listens to @iamjojo #slapyourself
RT @trzudonyi: If you haven't picked up your @Cupofjoekeys and @The_KenDixon merchandise at the @AMLWrestling show, you are wrong! #SlapYourself
If you haven't picked up your @Cupofjoekeys and @The_KenDixon merchandise at the @AMLWrestling show, you are wrong! #SlapYourself
@Grady faith in @Colts ever fixing the O line #slapyourself
We are all capable of influencing others and making a sustainable impact. Start with believing! #slapyourself
Bout time he went to the bin. #slapyourself #NZLvAUS
@MikeWellsNFL hey Mike! Mike Mike Mike! Guess what day it is....NOT THE DAY ROBERT MATHIS PLAYS #slapyourself
Who ever Produced this Show #SlapYourSelf 👋😊 One time. What a Joke @MarriedAU #MarriedAtFirstSight ... Just hurry up and Fuck Already wtf.
This Show is so Dumb As Fuck who watches this bull shit waste of time. #MarriedAtFirstSight #slapyourself
Actually having lecture on the first day #slapyourself
When you're SO BLOOD , you have to use an "x" instead of a "c" to spell words 😂😂😂 #slapyourself
At #theforceawakens & listening 2 fools behind me explaining why they didn't dress up saying "it's just a movie" and I'm like #slapyourself
If you're one of those Pacific Islanders that hella diss/look down on Micronesians, shame on you. #slapyourself
@_kamru1 I paid $10 for food, brothers paid for it. #perksofbeingtheyoungest #slapyourself
Para mis contactos haters. Nada de que sentirse orgulloso. Star Wars es historico. Es cultura general. #slapyourself https://t.co/XEy4kkJVXr
Anyone who is a true @celtics fan & thinks that was a good game #slapyourself because you don't know basketball
When my tweet isn't even about you ..but if the shoe fits ..#slapyourself👞😂
If you are wearing a tee and shorts no jacket #slapyourself
If you are wearing shorts but everything else winter clothing #slapyourself
If you are wearing flip flops with winter clothing #slapyourself