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baseball "records" are ridiculous. too many variables (field dimensions/DH/etc.) to hold any weight. #simplemathematics #getoveryourselfmlb
On Nov 10 I'll go listen to Cédric Villani talk about data science... and I'm gonna enjoy it so much. hehehe #datageek #simplemathematics
Thought of the day: 🤔💭 Whatever excites you, keep doing it, whatever drains you, STOP doing it! #SimpleMathematics
The Money💰 bring the Power💪🏿 & All that brings the bitches 👯👭. #simplemathematics
U complain about somebody not texting u back.. a phone has more than one communication function. Call they ass! TF #simplemathematics
Don't try to play me like a bum ass nigga, if you don't want to be treated like a bum ass bitch. #simplemathematics