Tweets about a recent trend: #ShutUpBitch

I heard she mad rich ..I heard she dead broke .. I heard she sniffin Coke #shutupbitch
@DirectorsCutMx eso me recuerda a ... León de espalda... llega su compañera por detras y BOOOM!!! #shutupbitch!!!
Women are soo controlling, talking about my hands are too tight around her neck... #shutupbitch
@AroundTheNFL .....should they be the ones fired for blowing a 10 point lead in 4th quarter of biggest game on the planet??!!!..#shutupbitch
say one thing under a celebrity's pic on ig & watch their fans come running. 😂😂😂 #shutupbitch
Gente pendeja, juzga a los demás por su acento en inglés o en español! Wey, el objetivo es comunicarte, el intento de hace! #shutupbitch
@MeatSauce1 @MeatSauce1 you're such a bitch how do you have a job where Minnesota sports fans listen to you #shutupbitch
@LilKim ALWAYS Queen B, no other bitch, naming no names, can compare. Disagree? #shutupbitch