Tweets about a recent trend: #shouldbeillegal

2 or 3 minute ads for birth control that pause if you click out of the browser tab #shouldbeillegal
Working bank holidays pass me the 🔫 😉 #shouldbeillegal
#shouldbeillegal chips served in tiny baskets. Food served on cutting boards. In combination, both stingy and probably not very hygienic
Find it vile when 21 year old 'men' try and speak to 16 year old girls😷 #shouldbeillegal
Real #EpiPen quote: With prescription insurance: $10 Without: $800 for one #antitrustlawswhere #shouldbeillegal https://t.co/C1HuKjMQ8z
Blah blah sports nerds dating their mommies #shouldbeillegal
A hoard of children on a streetcar is my new personal hell. Oh and... Merry Christmas #realtalk #somuchscreaming #shouldbeillegal
Still pissed off Kojima was not allowed to attend the game awards. 😤 #shouldbeillegal
at this point I just assume every @CoxComm bill is a bunch of BS charges to rip me off #shouldbeillegal
My body is not supposed to function before the sun rises #shouldbeillegal
In shock that the guy who created Star Wars got like 5 billion for it 😱😱 #shouldbeillegal
No energy left to study for one more exam tomorrow #examonasunday #shouldbeillegal
It's satuuuuuuurday and I have work. #shouldbeillegal 😕
Basically @POTUS meets with these potential Fed Board Membrs & picks who he thinks agrees most with the rest of the board.#shouldbeillegal
Why am i up so early on a weekend 😣 #shouldbeillegal
Just found out I have an exam on a Saturday 👍 how is that even allowed #shouldbeillegal
As if 8am classes aren't bad enough now we have to take finals at 8am #shouldbeillegal