Tweets about a recent trend: #SeeYouInHell

the convos i have with @sassybxtchh on daily basis is a reminder that when we die were both going to hell.... #savage #seeyouinhell
#seeyouinhell @TheTweetOfGod God said to John "Come forth and receive eternal life." But John came fifth and won a toaster.
Jesus Christ checking reviews on Air China who were flying Australia with was not a good idea 🙄 @Jade_Aspinall02 #seeyouinhell ✈️🇦🇺🙅🏽
DUDE! hahaha MY BITCH we are the exact SAME EVIL @SADIE96DR3AMZ #seeyouinhell
Oh lovey, not even God can forgive your sins. #seeyouinhell
All this shit talking about planned parenthood makes me want to work there even more #seeyouinhell
I'd rather say #seeyouinhell than #seeyouonline coz people are annoying af