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@michaeljackson when he did thriller I was 8 when I seen him In Denver #ripmj
Michael Jackson's This Is It, now that would've been a killer show to see! #RIPMJ
Working on a collage titled Celebrity Ka Ka: A Who's Who Of Poo! For example Michael Jackson, #RIPMJ https://t.co/hr5nkA3Pc5
@FunnyPicsDepot man I wish he were alive he is one of those miracle people who God sent to let people know gods still here , #RipMj πŸ˜”πŸ™πŸΎ
watching "this is it" on sky select and it just leaves the biggest lump in my throat. he still had it.first ever singer i loved #ripmj
#RIPMJ the realest nigga ever eeem doe he throwing up the C lhh https://t.co/aBrqmZRupD
RT @mean_mikey: Happy birthday to my hero Michael Jackson #KingOfPop! Thanks for inspiring me to be 'BAD'. #BADForLife #RIPMJ https://t.co/38uPZq1TcI