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Obama on @JimmyKimmelLive just said Hillary's scandals are "ginned up." Get the f*ck off the telly Obama! You suck! #RealTalk #ObamaSucks
RT @MaywardUpdate: #realtalk mas gwapo si Ed ngayon at mas blooming sya ngayon compare b4. MAYWARD DeadNaDeadSayo
@donlemon @CNNTonight Mr.#RealTalk 2 @PARISDENNARD "we could talk about collard greens right now but that's not what we're discussing" ✊ 👏
Sometimes you need to hook up with your ex to make you remember just how pathetic they were in bed. #js #realtalk #neveragain
I'm a grown ass man listening to this Soulja Boy & Bow Wow tape hype as hell. I've been waiting for this since Marco Polo. #realtalk
RT @TheReal_Db: You were coaching me by whispering in my ear the whole time. That's how awesome @LesleyAnnBrandt is people.… https://t.co/ZLwN6a9iC2
Tune Into #RealTalk With Rasheeda & Gaylene This Sunday October 30th at 3pm EST via… https://t.co/YxUKwPhoec
RT @HalineShakur: Alors que même tes potes ont pas su être là quand t'avais besoin #realtalk #lt
Transparent yan dapat! kapag iba yan nako nasa bulsa na yan lol #RealTalk https://t.co/WPTbtLBXIn
RT @fan_reel: I love it when M-only fans critique M. She really needs that. As much as we love her,we also want her to improve. #RealTalk
See, I cheered myself up. Pfft, don't need a man for shit. #realtalk 💅🏼
RT @ErrbodyLuvCHRiS: I don't have hate in my heart towards anyone. #RealTalk
RT @ErrbodyLuvCHRiS: I don't have hate in my heart towards anyone. #RealTalk