@tksm372 遊んでいただき、ありがとうございます。 梅雨というテーマを伝えることができてよかったです。私が意図していたルートとは異なるものが多く、思い込みはよくないと考えさせられた動画でした。
@Icy_Rapture Hi! I hope you and karen are doing good also. I wish that too but we were both so busy 😭 hmu if you gu… https://t.co/FwOGepFSYH
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@Logic301 really the 🐐 just saw the rapture documentary on him and this dude always so positive but can steal yo bitch at the same time
@stacyxxo hi stacy i hope you've been doing good i wish we could've hung out more when i was in colorado because yo… https://t.co/gC8xiGVyWs
RT @BryanDechart: Thank you ALL for your amazing support and kind words about Connor & #DetroitBecomeHuman! 61K+ on #Twitch!?!… https://t.co/SQGYqhbWBz
RT @MikePer77374218: That she pretends to be religious, but is the mouthpiece for The Beast. This is like Rapture-Palooza IRL. https://t.co/MBEveqPy0k
RT @DuhartClyde: Rapture Thug petite Husbandis Momma The Solarium https://t.co/f27YvVDCTy
acabei de assistir o primeiro episódio de rapture com o Logic e foi foda, sério
Pre-Trib Rapture = New World Order Fraud ("After the Tribulation" FULL M... https://t.co/LRSaXb54el via @YouTube
@TallDarkNVM nakita sa rapture kagabi.. Kaso nakakahiyang mah HI.. Mukang famous ka dun ehh😊
RT @paynepromoteam: Billboards promoting Liams show at rapture for mulia summer party which will take place 1st September at The Mulia… https://t.co/EjzVBTmvrE
2018...The Bible Says This is Exactly How it Would Look Before the End https://t.co/Gz3QYmjvw9 via @YouTube
2018...The Bible Says This is Exactly How it Would Look Before the End https://t.co/HID6yd0aUj
@justkevie Or a hurricane or a tsunami or the rapture or....
https://t.co/5hflDzyRXk Oldies Anita Baker - Caught Up In The Rapture Visitenos https://t.co/FgogmxPQot
@TotallyNotAceTh because he buys alcohol from walmart so when his mom asks why there's a $500 charge from walmart h… https://t.co/qJ14JeyJEz
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watching g eazy on rapture and I just can't im fangirling
@xWaIIy it's only because karen helped me find happiness and i glo'd up a little now a lot of girls wanna talk to me but it's too late
RT @diskunion_ssoul: 【HIPHOP / R&B】◎6/16(土) 新入荷情報!! KAKIHATA MAYUが編集長を務めるインディペンデント・ミュージックマガジン「RAPTURE magazine」の創刊号に、DJ BAMBOO CHILDのニュー… https://t.co/yBfFmrCXH7
@xWaIIy i don't have to be that lame dude who blocks everyone to be loyal nor do i have to show karen off or put he… https://t.co/EpDCTC3qeN