Tweets about a recent trend: #Randomthought

I still can't believe @juliefowlis wasn't nominated for an Oscar for best original song. #Brave #RandomThought
Going in to record #AStonerLifeLP before the year ends 🤔 #RandomThought
@travisbarker will always remain my fav drummer #randomthought
#RandomThought If there's a creature thats to represent antifa, a la the Elephant&Donkey thing, I say it should be a dragon or a unicorn
I made a thing in PS once, of an old co-worker. Thought it was a good concept. 360 wraparound headshot shirt!… https://t.co/zh5PGlq2Z5
#RandomThought u ever wonder who lurks your tweets daily b/c they really like u?
How we ever gone get anywhere when niggas & females think eachother ain't shit based off somebody else's faults ? 🤔 #randomthought
I wanna go to an ugly sweater party! #RandomThought
#RandomThought I don't know if I'd ever want to cam with someone else unless they cam themselves.
Fuck everybody who ever switched up #RandomThought
If a wood chuck, chucks wood, Does that mean a nun chuck, chucks nuns???? #RandomThought
I guess you went with the flow... so much for standing out.. #randomthought
#RandomThought I'm happy that "Ittekimasu-Itterashai" becomes a thing between GLAY and Happy Swing ❤
#randomthought the one problem in the marvel movie universe is so far we haven't seen a strong villain and the... https://t.co/Ty8seTyleS
RT @kaeCosta730: I'd be mad as fuck if I had no lips #Randomthought
Press conferences are the day before weigh ins. Maybe they don't mean what they say cause they're hangry and dehydrated? #randomthought
So I've been obsessing over feta cheese quesadillas, they are bomb #currentlyeatingone #randomthought
Lol I seen Chrissy snap on soo many people on social media 😂 #randomthought
So why does every nails salon only say "nail" like they only work on one? #randomthought #dontaskmehowitcameabout
RT @DTheKingpin: #RandomThought: don't envy the elite. Become elite. Be successful & then open the floodgates to people who deserve a shot. Make them elite.
@iowaenergy Can we get yoda inspired jerseys for the game? #randomthought
I'll be 30 in 35 days... Wow. #randomthought 😏
Anthony Hopkins - 2016: Westworld, 2017: Transformers, 2018: Smurfs in space? #randomThought