Tweets about a recent trend: #o2fail

@O2 Maybe you should make this clear in #adverts & when selling #misleading 'contracts'. I wonder what is wrong wi… https://t.co/f8QYuSNlH9
@O2 @Ofcom you would have me stitched with laffs if you weren't real. 1 postcode last time of at least 20 over 4 mths b13 8dx #o2fail
@O2 you take the pis, re #o2fail I'll take my two years of monthly payments back and you can shove your network to the back of beyond 😠
@O2 @Ofcom #noo2service #o2fail no, nada, zilch, as ever from o2, just the big f*** all
@O2 O2 are completely incompetent and absolute liars. Pic real signal against their supposed signal #o2fail #offcom
¿Qué dicen las mujeres de esto? 😂#o2fail #o2tc @ O2 Training Center https://t.co/Haw1O9AXwG
+2wks ago reported fault @ SW9 8HE @O2 "Engineers working ASAP, Sorry no refund" Still connections issues 2wks later & I suffer! #o2fail
Hey @o2de , ich hab hier schon wieder weder #telefon noch #internet. Wie findet ihr das? #o2fail
@O2 You should outsource your customer service to Apple. They place more importance on customer experience and Consumer Law #o2fail