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RT @Mahymirza: I Don't Need Anyone's Validation About My Personality 😳🙉 I Can Validate Myself More Wisely 😒🙊 #GetALife 🙈 #NoOffense 🙄😛
RT @Mahymirza: My Tweets Are General But If You are Relating It With Yourself Then Definitely You Had Done Something Wrong 😒🙉 #NoOffense 🙊😯
ويه النوم مشكله... من خبرتچ متى يفش ؟ @Malmeshal #nooffense
Mati gaya klo medsos di add bininya "temen".. Langsung ganti PP jd foto artis or pemandangan deh #nooffense
Awalnya selalu seyakin yakinnya bilang GAK. Gataunyaaa pas udh itu aja ada. Beraaaaaaaak kali ah. Ga konsis #nooffense eh tp offense deh😜😝
i swear it became frm the most lit acc on the internet to a lame old man tweeting #nooffense https://t.co/EwpeQ4iRw5
// yea I'd like to get some tattoos and piercings than getting some surgeries or pucker up my lips. Well #nooffense
That's because Ian's pilot hair makes him look like a hobo 🙃 #noOffense #StillLoveHim https://t.co/HyBFNX45ym
@boylan_molly I found the culprit! @smiley33747 is about to get got! #nooffense
You don't have sense 😂😂😂😂 #NoOffense https://t.co/KrXTrGj5wi
He buscado gente que quiero seguir x Admiracion a su Desempeño! Y no tienen Tweeter .. sera xq si trabajan ! 🤔😂.. #nooffense ..
@JonathanSprungk would you mind rephrasing, switching your keyboard to English or write in German altogether? ;) #NoOffense
@lululemon I'd probably unfollow y'all #nooffense
आज बड़े दिनो बाद म्युज़िक चैनल देख रहा था, तभी #KalaChasma गाना स्क्रीन पर आया.. नज़रे चाह कर भी @S1dharthM पर नही पड़ी। #NoOffense
@RomanAtwood I love seeing your videos .. if you please decrease shaking the camera a lot .. I feel dizzy bro .. love you all #nooffense
- Arora Ji @KapilSharmaK9 Says ( on behalf of me ) 😍😍😂😂😆😆😝😝😁😁 @LaghateParth Aap Muja Bhaut Pasand Aaye 😍😍… https://t.co/8blcbDhREE
Yep thats why i dig british guys more than girls! That cunt! #nooffense its just #Supernatural related!
Knp pada susah ya follow back org yg ngefollow kita. Ga hrs di minta. Emg ngerasa rugi ya? #nooffense
Also, hate to tell you, but there's a better weed scene in my front yard than in many legal states right now. #NoOffense