Tweets about a recent trend: #nohomo

@BradInYYC @JDfromCJAY @thebeccaswanson @thimblewad #NoHomo but I dont think Mike needs the help. That beard is a finely groomed masterpiece
@_discohamster no need for sorry bro. pape ws je im here for u #bromance #nohomo
@dahliababyyy I need to get on @_okayyitsTJ squat regimen 👀#NoHomo 😂
@eryc_jablonski thank you so much bud it means alot love you bud #noHomo lol
@altmammal TFW the person you think is probably male is more sexually attractive than the thing that's supposed to be female. #NoHomo
@discordapp @NZXT i want that case just cuz says discord on it, and i luv u guys #NoHomo can you actually buy it somewhere?
i'll trade you fo' your ass.. #nohomo..
on 93rd posted outside of Skeets #nohomo life really different right now
@zzbrom this attractive singing man gets it #nohomo
You got em both #nohomo so there's no need to worry https://t.co/rdho0FiFTO
Why is it that guys feel the need to put #NoHomo when they talk about their feelings???
RT @FlorRatisconi: ¿Quéee? Dígame quien habla, otra hermosa #nohomo tampoco jajaja https://t.co/i689AbAST0
Creo que me lastimé la espalda por agacharme a recoger un jabón #NoHomo
It looks like you try to make straight men go gay..... #nohomo https://t.co/VIMjcjYWRH