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Wiz khalifa Sets The Tempo In My Life &&& Makes Me Wanna Be Better #NoHomo
Just gonna day a quick merry Xmas @StevoTheMadMan hope u and the family have a great 1 and even better 2018 pal 👍🏼… https://t.co/DzbOO6DZ2L
not to be gay but i’d eat your ass. #nohomo https://t.co/lc3MkP7erG
Je l’aime beaucoup #NOHOMO mais il est sur la fin (bientôt 37 ans), bien qu’il rende encore des services. Espérons… https://t.co/R7D0fcD6RD
RT @mimundoalex: Dale like si quieres ver el yaoi 7u7 okno :v PD: sigueme para no perderte mis nuevos dibujos ;3 #yaoi #amigos… https://t.co/K70ciJBJSL
RT @bibanator: Hooo Hoo Hoo Da hat der Boi, aber was ganz feines in seinem Sack #nohomo. Gönnt euch. Auf Bolts Nacken!... https://t.co/Q4afUIsMn8
This just a random tweet to show my brother @lizardinho07 how much I love and appreciate him for being the realest… https://t.co/YyHwTuAdi4
#Henney be feeling bomb af as soon as you hit dat shit before you even swallow it #NoHomo
@LaurineAndersen porque en este país hay gente bien rara x'D nunca vengas a Chile, si no es para verme a mi 👀… https://t.co/AkoA6bvaNC
@ProJared Sorry, i got distracted by the loot. You're still the sexiest man allive tho #rougethings #nohomo