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RT @josebih: @OpTicGaming recruit my bro @MLGExistence he better than half your team #nodisrespect
#kaepernick made a statement about the country not living up to the symbol. Not on vets or anyone else who served. #nodisrespect @espn
@joerawson with all respect Joe this was dead hours ago do you think the club tell you what they want out to save face?? #nodisrespect
@BradleyMartyn just finished lean bulk chest/arm day. Never been so sore. My feelings atm. #nodisrespect #BMGOAT https://t.co/LBWGUOnVIk
@scohenPI @drewdetrick @ProFootballDoc: "vast minority?" #oxymoron. The minuscule minority would be more apropos. #nodisrespect
He might of done it the wrong way but he sure got everyone's attention. Good or bad publicity. This is USA he had a choice. #Nodisrespect
RT @GDooooooooooT: If you're a Mexican you're not foreign #NoDisrespect
RT @GDooooooooooT: If you're a Mexican you're not foreign #NoDisrespect
RT @GDooooooooooT: If you're a Mexican you're not foreign #NoDisrespect
RT @GDooooooooooT: If you're a Mexican you're not foreign #NoDisrespect
If you're a Mexican you're not foreign #NoDisrespect
Sometimes marriage sucks rotten eggs and vinegar topped with rancid whipped cream. #NoDisrespect
@MaddybelleTV @mfxphotography just beautiful all r amazing but Maddy Belle is the engine that drives the ganja girls imho.#nodisrespect
@Niiiqua_Gerald @Oh_EmmaGee hunny I am far from ignorant. I just see through this dudes bullshit. #nodisrespect #beblessed
Some times the Doctors be BS on your health 🤔 #nodisrespect
Ya girl is gorgeous bruh especially with a dick in her mouth #NoDisrespect 💯 https://t.co/QoLEwRXpkz
I felt as many do, that Kaep could have chosen another way. Then I read this from MLK, Jr. #nodisrespect https://t.co/IP3wsDjP1c
@TheBarrylad @TonyTimes2 ah right, I was at the very very end of the queue in. Thankfully I queued standing up. #NoDisrespect
It's sad that people care more about the #anthem & #flag than the people the flag & anthem represent. #49ers #NoDisrespect #equality4all
@johnnymac2220 insulted by revolutionary war coat? Are you trolling me? #NoDisrespect
@timdperez he has to... Him or good ol Donnie. And that's a far 2nd... Roberts laps the next closest manager. #NoDisrespect
RT @BigfacePip: @JosinaAnderson Please inform Jerry that Colin didn't burn the flag...he quietly kept his seat during anthem. #NoDisrespect