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@rioferdy5 #90minutes Gregorys girl @rioferdy5 would be unreal to meet you @ManUtd massive fan #NeverBeen #ToOldTrafford
Vacation booked! I’ll be going to San Antonio, Texas in April 🤗#NeverBeen
So grateful for this opportunity to review the new ASCA School Counselor Professional Standards and Competencies at… https://t.co/j13v6SSHN0
@Daavejfranco Would love to meet you! When ever I come to America I would just want a selfie then a kiss then will… https://t.co/rs9oXR205Q
They got a spicy chicken sandwich!?!? That’s exactly what I’ve been craving 😩 I need to go to chick fil a #neverbeen https://t.co/vvIXVlRnJv
Rare 10-mile-long lake forms in Death Valley after heavy rains and flooding. Now I need to get out there and see th… https://t.co/S14azORfdG
70/365 Today's just full of unexpected events. No ONLINE classes. One new student speaks Cebuano fluently and an Ar… https://t.co/A7YOdGzQ4L
Olyan franko este volt, hogy soha nem is volt. 😅 #neverbeen Koszi, hogy ott lehettunk! https://t.co/EiHmtlmDne
@sarahroberts161 They have CHILDCARE??? First there’s meatballs, now a ball pit, I’m so confused #neverbeen
Agh I don’t know what to wear to dirty bourbon tonight.😩 #neverbeen #iaintgotmyboots
One day I want my boo to take me to a laker game ! #neverbeen 😩
Life goal is to go to a Mardi Gras ball. 💃🏽 #NEVERbeen