Tweets about a recent trend: #moreaboutnothing

Watching Seinfeld so naturally I have the urge to listen to @Wale's #MoreAboutNothing
Wale's #MoreAboutNothing Mixtape still bangs.
"Cubicles as small as shit and co workers be talkative " #moreaboutnothing
Son I love @Wale #SummerOnSunset, probably his best mixtape since #MoreAboutNothing
@Wale #MoreAboutNothing is one of the GREATEST mixtapes EVER!! 🌙
"She's questioning her faith! She's thinking about leaving the church!" #moreaboutnothing
I just wanted to be at peace with you & if I gotta settle for a piece of you then I gotta say peace to you... #moreaboutnothing
More heartless then i ever been just numb to life #moreaboutnothing https://t.co/XLXsh05xIq
I don't wanna leave but i need to its such a shame they gone miss this plane ✈✈✈#moreaboutnothing #truestory
Cant change who I am, I'm just tryna get better. So in the meantime keep it moving or accept that! #moreaboutnothing
@Wale couldn't have just got 1 nomination, I mean just 1? No disrespect to those who did. But this shid is sad. #moreaboutnothing #dmv