Tweets about a recent trend: #moodkill

@TonyClarkCP Do you know what songs you're playing in the park? That 3 Days Grace song about suicide is playing right now 🤔 #moodkill
RT @jolandraa: When @sincerely_tayyy's commercial comes on at the bar #moodkill
When @sincerely_tayyy's commercial comes on at the bar #moodkill
All those rose petals have to be cleaned out before the water drains. Oops. #moodkill 😂 https://t.co/bUxI7PgkW5
Was feeling lucky on break today so I bought a 20 dollar scratch off and didn't win jack shit #moodkill
When you're listening to @Picassobanshee on Spotify and Robin Thicke's blurred lines comes on.... #moodkill
@elizarimmer what happens happens...I'm happy enough...and obviously need to practice knicker dropping without injuring myself #moodkill 😳😂😈
Dreading going back to work tomorrow #moodkill
when bae doesn't know how to cuddle right #moodkill @lt5hunna https://t.co/R0c85Z6LgU
When you see an awesome dragon knife but your husband shakes his head!!! Ugh Talk about #moodkill
@cnmmv you dumb Fock where's the video 🙄 Show us some of the footage of the action. #moodkill
Just as i thought i'll be free after POP, i was brutally reminded that i have to serve for 2 years. 😢 #allahummaaii #moodkill
Nada me espanta más que la gente pretenciosa, ridícula y egocéntrica. #moodkill
This convo was kinda cute but then I blanked so I just replied "I don't know what to say now 😐" lmao #moodkill