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I'm not crying because Rosie and Paige left #MKR you are 😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭
Jordan is legal right??? #MKR
😍 @manufeildel is looking a bit delish in those chef blacks #MKR
After 34 episodes, think am beginning to reach peak #MKR
Has the most ridiculous little-girl doe-eyed crush on Manu πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ’— #MKR #crush
Catching up on #MKR sad to see @rkhooks go, she was fun! #goodjob
Does anyone actually like Carmine and Lauren? #MKR
I want to fly to Australia with the sole purpose of smacking Carmine and Lauren #MKR
Catching up on #MKR! This team just dropped their dessert over the floor!
Done my own ricotta stuffed mushrooms with chive, lemon and garlic. Can't wait. #MKR here I come in November πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Why does Zana a totally novice lawyer make it appear she's in court everyday on High Profile Law cases. She couldn't be or SHOULDN'T be #MKR
It's good that Zana and Gianni are in law. A few years of that hen pecking and put downs and I can see him handling his own divorce #MKR
Zana is 24 years old fresh out of Uni in her first job as a lawyer so this "winning " in the courtroom crap is absolute FANTASY. FRAUD #MKR
#MKR star #ManuFeildel's darling daughter Charlee has grown up SO much. See the new snap https://t.co/vEOwdxf1v9 https://t.co/z4JewfDFW0
RT @SallyTarpy73: Catching up with #MKR & great to see all the past contestants back inc @WillandSteve from champs to judges πŸ‘Š the other team GB!
RT @_Carly_Jayne: My Kitchen Rules - Previous contestants judging!! I love @WillandSteve 😍 So happy to see them back! #MKR https://t.co/F9tcJuRxVy
Why do Carmine and Lauren look so smug if Gianni and Zana get bad feedback #MKR
I think Paige's voice is getting squeakier #mkr
Happiest of birthdays to my baby bro 😘🎈#siblings #bigsister #babybro #inthebank #mkr… https://t.co/tXKRzayLQI
#CarmineandLauren really annoy Me. They think they're great and Lauren is so bitchy! #mkr
Cooked some sad lamb shanks by sticking them up my arse #drepressioncooker #mkr