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When I love, I love. This song goes to the core of my affection for my husband ❤️ Who do you love? #whodoyoulovehttps://t.co/dztGeHJYTY
Raising Awareness one word at a time ,so when you get a moment read it: @iLuvvit @YolandaAdams @halleberryhttps://t.co/xxMFS8S9H8
Matt Cardle & @MelanieCmusic - #LovingYou from his critically acclaimed 3rd album #Porcelain https://t.co/RQrisXc7Wq
Concern yourself with LOVING YOU versus the idea of other people loving you! 🗣💣🗣 Don't sweat the insignificant "lik… https://t.co/ZrRZiT8cGe
True love is measured by how deep we fall By how low we are willing to crawl.... How willing we are to offer our tr… https://t.co/V901khej63
RT @IAMSHAYAAGH: #FBF #LovingYou track. Full audio slide via https://t.co/Mgrh1B8iHs Don't forget to SUBCRIBE to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL… https://t.co/E5Z6vFshbp
Loving You - Michael Jackson. Follow me @nurdinhidayatSG so I'll be motivated to make more! 😁 #Michaeljacksonhttps://t.co/W9Km8LxWHO