Tweets about a recent trend: #liesitoldmyparents

RT @Ameeleeoh: #LiesIToldMyParents "Yeah we're at the restaurant eating rn." *Goes home hungry af*
#LiesiToldMyParents omg omg I didn't break that.. It was like that when I found it..ask brian..
"#liesitoldmyparents "Yes all my homework is done"
"#liesitoldmyparents my grade will go up after this test'
#liesitoldmyparents I don't know why I was marked absent, maybe the teacher didn't see me or something
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#liesitoldmyparents I missed the bus...sorry staying home
#liesitoldmyparents I was in class! The teacher must have marked me absent on accident.
"it's not like i have a test today can i just stay home" #liesitoldmyparents
#liesitoldmyparents Oh she hasn't graded that yet, thats why its missing in the gradebook...
#liesitoldmyparents everyone failed that test! I got the best grade, you should be proud!
"#liesitoldmyparents I don't know why it says missing in the gradebook because i did it"
'#liesitoldmyparents no mom, we aren't dating, we're just hanging out"
"#liesitoldmyparents What? no mom i dont party. Drugs is bad mom!"