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@eka612 @TheBeauteeShop @nytimes Do u remember a certain particular candidate named, Idfk, Drumpf? Sound familiar,… https://t.co/LlgwQYayhw
Let’s be clear @KamalaHarris, when an American breaks the law, they are separated from their children! Why would it… https://t.co/QxkaRnyTyQ
ain’t even gon lie my ex hate my guts but i’ll really slap fire outta a bitch & knock a nigga out for her , like da… https://t.co/mhUhS5VTaW
@oldmanebro Actually Jay was republican. Nas was the “black militant taking over the government” #Letsbeclear
#LetsBeClear... A genuinely hardworking person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected. #management101
Every time someone uses the #liberal catch-all phrase #LetsBeClear it is a #LIE. Every Single Time https://t.co/9V6YkzTayP
Y'all right black men don't CHEAT, they wonder off.... 😂😂😂😂 #Letsbeclear
Being aggressive is ONLY a plus when we fuckin. #LetsBeClear 💡
@ChristinaCastle cuz fr a true performer wouldn’t have given a damn about what footage they chose they would’ve ATE… https://t.co/SnEj3Oykeb
Straight girls I don’t want your man, ya man want me #letsbeclear #ilikewomen 🐱😝
I’m not mean or weak, I’m just real and understand you reap what you sow, I’d rather long suffer for what a prayer… https://t.co/IRKPV2CzbA
No posts about the leveling up. #letsbeclear Lolol
Leave your kids at the house with my kids and we'll go to "da club" 😜#LetsBeClear https://t.co/SWeiWihlj6
Why do women’s jackets/suits don’t have inside pockets!? I have things to hold and hide too people! #truedathttps://t.co/5Pw3o8y9eV
I have a BUISINESS, I plan on making an actual lucrative company. Not to be confused with those who cook trying to… https://t.co/coissTBtVc
Men like Gatchalian, I mean. #letsbeclear
People always say if you wasn't searching for something to find then you wouldn't find anything but really if you w… https://t.co/ViRxVJ8Agr
RT @LailaILea: Ignoring these niggas for a nigga that AINT ignoring me!! #LetsBeClear
Ignoring these niggas for a nigga that AINT ignoring me!! #LetsBeClear
Bitches not gne respect your relationship if your OWN nigga don’t💯 #LETSBECLEAR🗣