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What happens between u & someone else. Stays. #LessonLearned #FaceDirty
4 shoe sure ;-) RT @Solarglide: #SMM16 .. Never wear new shoes to an exhibition as big as #SMMFair #lessonlearned https://t.co/V9k5G2pZw5
Haha u were a two face all along . Oh welp. #LessonLearned
#SMM16 wearing trainers today! Never wear new shoes to an exhibition as big as SMM #lessonlearned https://t.co/xwaZTCrJEs
RT @ATTBBVV: But God removes certain people from your life for a reason and the more you hold on to them the more it will hurt #LessonLearned
You were the karma that got sent to me when I played with others feelings & now I'm paying the price #lessonlearned
Never respond to an ex they are just looking for an excuse to talk to you and be dumb about it. #lessonlearned now to get my sick ass to bed
RT @TruSmilesJones: Finally home! Took way longer than it should have! #NoteToSelf dont rely on others to help u. Sometimes u r all u have! #lessonlearned
Gentlemen, never tell a woman she's looking thin. You say she's looking thinner. #lessonlearned
this is why I don't waste my time with ASSHOLES like you #lessonlearned #fuckoff
#lessonlearned..don't leave your gadgets(ipad/iphone) with your kid. really kids nowadays sobrang maalam sa gadget 😄 khit pminsanlng gumamit
Why waste your time on ppl that never appreciate it. #lessonlearned
#LessonLearned wag mag english kung di ka naman magaling at pamali mali pa. #NoteToSelf
I'm not perfect but I have love you with all my heart and hypothalamus. :) #TrueLalala #LessonLearned
Never assume an ex wants to simply be friends. #lessonlearned
RT @CandiceLeRae: I always wanted to know if one COULD in fact slip on a banana peel . . . 🍌 #LessonLearned https://t.co/SI6elf8pro
There's a lesson in everything. Every person you meet [...] https://t.co/l6lmE2CHwj #lessonlearned https://t.co/RUH1H3zE19
I solemnly swear if I don't understand the lyrics I will ask before I sing along #whatisskeetskeetskeet #lessonlearned #notfortoddlers
Moral of tweet: Dont bail on family for someone who doesnt value you enough to see that you meant more to them than family✌🏻️ #LessonLearned
Hmmm😕...U right 😔 but i blame myself a lil bc ik i brought the wrong type of ppl in my world💁😒💔 #LessonLearned https://t.co/ijHfyRrRoP
And this time I won't be getting one from globe. 😏 #lessonlearned
RT @vianeym4: before & after pics of my puppy's hair 😂😭 poor baby had way too many knots! #lessonlearned https://t.co/AXdruVOaRj