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@BenjaminBroseph 😭 I hope I stay lucky for a long ass time
@catie_blackwell It already happened to me enjoy it while it lasts
@BenjaminBroseph Yass I love cheap good food😂 one day when I no longer have a metabolism... I’ll be a fat pos and still eat my cheese balls
RT @RockMNation: Mizzou makes the top 12 for elite G/F Aijha Blackwell, daughter of a former Tiger and who goes to the same HS as cu… https://t.co/CjhC9nye7D
@BenjaminBroseph All my friends judge me because I always have cheese balls in my room and eat them all the time
@Ssamanthammyers "At least four years, maybe five. I met her a bit before attending Blackwell."
@catie_blackwell This is me with peanut butter filled pretzels
RT @cd1mages: What a great race! Sport, heritage, #Worcester does the lot. @worcscc @WorcesterTIC @VisitWorcester @myworcester… https://t.co/JeOwTaUxqt
#RobinLloyd-Jones hosts the launch of Autumn Voices, a book of interviews with creative writers over 70. Thursday 2… https://t.co/QwFYqtmexq
@TattooedDealer Nathan grinned at that, and took a deep drag from his blunt. "Huu. So. What're you up to? Doing yo… https://t.co/yqzqn6NG9N
RT @pegntony_h: “Mountain Air”9x12 palette knife oil painting by Peggy Ann Thompson Blackwell Gallery #art #artwork #oilpainting… https://t.co/xPWfsU4Miz
RT @womensart1: Su Blackwell, UK artist who creates paper art out of old books, often based on fairytale and nature #womensart https://t.co/oyXqyQKSGE
RT @proxactears: a girl's twitter is full of hints.
RT @jackjack2k19: Mizzou fans get her here ‼️🐯 her father Ernest Blackwell played running back for the Zou back in the day the Zou in… https://t.co/cQ7GoHeFDk
You got to be shitting me. These still exist? https://t.co/WCkKtgnpMn
Does the attorney have the ability to pursue claims through trial in an emotionally-charged environment? The questi… https://t.co/5HwQD9FlSw