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RT @Dunbar_HS: Congratulations Bria Blackwell for snagging a $56,000 scholarship from our #ECHS https://t.co/X9e3SMvi8U
@blackwell_sarah Just looking out for you bud
@Bre_Blackwell My ankle was already infected in that picture and then i put a band aid on it to only find out I’m a… https://t.co/lXFuOWLq8Z
RT @laawrencew: When we say Indiana has the craziest weather, we aren’t lying. https://t.co/O514O0XSwj
RT @DurhamWASP: Eric Dolphy, At the Five Spot [ rec. 16 July 1961] Prestige #Jazz Eric Dolphy — alto saxophone, bass clarinet & f… https://t.co/tDs9E731Dr
Rachael B. might have found their #dreamweddingvenue in Blackwell Grange https://t.co/VTxuK5WRmJ
@blackwell_sarah Did you know Publix is around the corner?
@Bre_Blackwell Trueeee!😂 any time i go somewhere i feel like a dumbass when i need a band aid because i have to ask… https://t.co/XmcmlIY03K
Shit is about to get real at Blackwell.
@Bre_Blackwell Omgggg lol what is wrong with us 😂
@Bre_Blackwell This is what happened to mine, I’m allergic to the fabric ones 😂 https://t.co/DrPbj2NgUz
@Bre_Blackwell I have the SAME issue 😂 I break out so bad and it leaves a scar
RT @haileyahayes: UM HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BLACKWELL PODCAST'S @novawolf_actual 🎂
RT @shelbysalemi: idk who raised y’all but walking into someone’s home and not acknowledging their parents/siblings, or whoever it ma… https://t.co/NaXH6O6BAV
Deputy Police Chief Jeff Glazier met Ebony Rhodes, a homeless single mother of four, while she and her family were… https://t.co/GpBVwRWihs
Interview with Blair Blackwell of Chevron https://t.co/SsZpsMtGKb via @YouTube
@jellzman I got you. Her name is Quenlin Blackwell and she was famous on Vine too I think. Her YouTube is https://t.co/8O48ecXbH7.
"Then we did a TV show called Shindig. That was me and Delaney Bramlett--we were the Shindogs--me, Delaney, Julie C… https://t.co/wyocEqmp1x