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RT @__beniHANA: it's like ok, you're not gonna eat buffalo wings.... but you're gonna pop xans & molly #kcool
it's like ok, you're not gonna eat buffalo wings.... but you're gonna pop xans & molly #kcool
When Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders get your fantasy team a combined 14.5 pts 😒 #kcool #killme
Meanwhile I'm experiencing what is probably not my first episode of vertigo #kcool
My marley burn opened & started bleeding #kcool 😃
At the doctors office and this lady next to me is playing summoning spells out loud on her phone and staring at me. #kcool
Tell me why I just said bye all nice to Drake and Emma and neither of them said anything. #kcool @cammpayy
Got to love when your x's whole family wishes you happy birthday. But he doesn't..... #kcool
As if I can't get comfortable w A being totally active tonight, B tosses his arms and legs on top of me and then farted. #kcool 😄
I feel a sore throat coming on #KCool
My family went to Nobu without me. #Kcool
Apparently when I drink sitting down my feet and hands swell up #kcool
When you ask a friend if they have plans and they tell you they're busy w/ homework & their parents. Then Snap w/ someone else 😂👌🏼#kcool
Yeah. Okay. You always want to talk yet you're never around when I actually need to. #kcool
Of coarse my back camera gets better after Festival season is over #kcool
when you message someone at 7:30pm and they don't respond until 10:30. #kcool
Audrey didn't have any followers when she reactivated so I unfollowed her and refollowed her back and its private.. 🙄 #kcool
"In Harvard we read 9 dramas and I thought that was a lot. Even tho this isn't a drama class we are going to read 15" #KCool #WhyOnly15
I literally live in the only house on the planet where you get yelled at for running he dishwasher. #kcool
Me: I want to have 4 kids Mom: so did I, but then I had you #kcool
Told me yesterday we had dinner plans tonight.. I haven't ate all day.. Then u decide to not do dinner & go to the shop. #kcool #thanks
When your friend aka @chanizzle23 doesn't respond to your snap but posts on her story #kcool
RT @_AMBERTIANA_: I keep trying to sleep but my brain seems to have other plans. Like um... You realize we been working all day right? #kcool #juscheckin 😩😭💤
So I misread the summer reading assignment and it's double of what I thought it was🤗 #kcool