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So we where on #jeremykyle today and general couldn't be more thankful for the response. Keep an eye out for justice for Ruben.
RT @TheDoubleD74: Another scroat blaming their upbringing. Grow the fuck up and stop playing the victim. Filthy bitch. #jeremykyle #jeremykyleshow #itv
Shifty bastard! 😂 (watching on itv 2+1) #JeremyKyle
I meant to tweet 16, I swear down! On your life! Oh, this is #thechase not #jeremykyle
Can relationships survive once the #JeremyKyle lie detector proves their innocence on all accounts?? I personally w… https://t.co/PFvJRXaRVt
Lmao @ Ozzy Osbourne on Jeremy Kyle. #jeremykyle
#jeremykyle Wish Anne-Marie would just tell the sniveling Lizzie to f off,she's better off with the lovely teacher in her life
Now On ITV 2 :: The Jeremy Kyle Show - 04:50PM - 06:00PM #JeremyKyle Via @whatsontvnow
Absolute joke! We travelled all this way and you turned down a guy who fought for our country 😅 @MediaCityUKhttps://t.co/lFHsZI9rqH
Now On ITV 2 :: The Jeremy Kyle Show - 02:40PM - 03:45PM #JeremyKyle Via @whatsontvnow
Selling a cars mate..... Well there's a suprise I was so shocked I had to sit my skinny carcus down.... #jeremykyle
#jeremykyle 🤔I think the daughter who couldn’t make it to the show was the one who stole the watch
RT @worldprayerc: Looking back at... Rebuild Restore Renew Conference #JeremyVine @DrDaveLandrum @EAUKnews gave us a powerful insigh… https://t.co/0Fpcv1yClT
AlphaBiolabs has provided @ITV's @ITVjeremykyle with DNA testing for over 10 years. Get the best DNA testing from j… https://t.co/A1LeQPc3kg
The #JeremyKyle show will be broadcasting a live Mothers Day special next Sunday from The Owl & Pussycat in… https://t.co/quqO0qqNwH
In the 16th and 17th century divorce could happen if your other half slept with your sibling or somebody else. To… https://t.co/CyGt4UvvLF
"Can't believe you found our long lost brother" Who the fuck did they think the extra chair was for? 🤣🤣 #jeremykyle
Wonder if people pass the theft lie detector but fail the complicit part... only ever seen them fail the theft part… https://t.co/wh6u6TwMoZ
@teammick Nope, its only the truth when they swear on someone's life. Dems the rules of swearing #jeremykyle
trying to watch @itvjeremykyle through streams of tears like Jeremy says the world has a funny way of balancing its… https://t.co/ogNdUbmAgE
As a mother, Jeremy Kyle was very emotional this morning and the jail time is ridiculous b u t, let this be a lesso… https://t.co/UY1H4VuBF9
Laters all on the #jeremykyle hashtag & thanks again for the fun. Have a great day
Now they are the stories the nation should hear about. Poor woman and what a pathetic jail sentence! #jeremykyle