Tweets about a recent trend: #itsnotcheating

Watching the way the @packers use Ty Montgomery at RB reminds me of @EAMaddenNFL when I'd put Randy Moss in at RB. #ItsNotCheating
Thank god for a second attempt on exams,even better when it notifies you on which answer is the correct one #ItsNotCheating
@Digger_forum @BBCSport easy, he's got serious(ish) asthma .... don't jump to conclusions, he's got a sick note to prove it #itsnotcheating
Those are all part of a well balanced diet. #itsnotcheating https://t.co/We4gSR1x9P
@JamieHocknell I wouldn't post those but I need the extra hints!!! 😱 #itsnotcheating
When bae bout to go to sleep But OUR girlfriend @KekePalmer is up tweeting so I can't go to bed yet #sorrybaelol #itsnotcheating