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Only playing junior hockey so I can pet some puppies #isntitobvioushttps://t.co/BEZ6DISGVs
@TFFCarol I got it-dunno if the rest of the world did #shhhh #isntitobvious
@BBCkatyaadler for people who are flying of the first time, and to cover their asses for health & safety #isntitobvious
Its so really great @TinieTempah & @JessieJ new song called #isntitobvious i really love it.
My mom just asked if I like Olgas..is that even a question? 💁🏼 #isntitobvious
@EmilyMiller @peddoc63 This is why dems want them here so badly. They'll create tragedy to force gun laws and vote dem. LOL #isntitobvious