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RT @PrincessOfAffia: “Girls who read become women who lead.” #InternationalWomensDay! Purchase a copy for your African Princess! Avai… https://t.co/ZUN58fkDF9
@CoralineAda This is exactly what I talked in my #InternationalWomensDay talk. It's the same day I launched… https://t.co/pCcYlQwGgi
RT @TheBrandyClark: "Well-behaved women rarely make history." - Eleanor Roosevelt Here's to all the women in the world misbehaved or n… https://t.co/5vc8OsYRhg
RT @CamilaMendes: lots of progress to celebrate, but still so many battles to be won. progress is a process. keep fighting!… https://t.co/spcThGx2qJ
RT @LisaKSalerno: "The Old Ones say...women will lead the healing among the tribes...She is the backbone of the people. " -Village Wi… https://t.co/VdEWGPetnC
RT @bigmouth: A few words from your Hormone Monstress on #InternationalWomensDay 👊 https://t.co/endjAfwttk
RT @KabirIs78541416: My humble request to the whole world is that we have to create such an environment by which our mothers, sisters, d… https://t.co/kbw7UOaPY0