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lol i'm quitting on the first day bc the bosses don't actually speak english and i'm like my mother and am mentally ill
RT @loveshaniexo: @SoKimmyy clean horse shit lol I and shake a sign on the corner 😂
@GhostwritaMusic lol I feel attacked cuz that's light work
lol I do hate drama but every time I see drama I be like: 😗😗😗😙😙
@superviperthon @peta lol I always wear fur. I hunt deer and duck and love it. I enjoy killing the shit out of them. No better sport 🦌🦌
We need an NFL team in the valley. I promise that if i become a billionaire some day lol, .. I'll try my best to bring one lol.
Then idk lol I'm a pretty clean cut guy https://t.co/YKyeqLc7zE
@allimckinney lol I'm in a good mood today okay weird rant over
@princessaiyaaa lol i heard caffeine can help you loose weight lol but it can cause anxiety and make you hyper lol
RT @jwittstein: @Mikel_Jollett @chelliehylton I just signed up to volunteer lol I'm from CT but I'll make phone calls!!
@SnapDad42 LOL I'm totally joking don't worry
I want the student to stay dry! LOL! I feel like @dawnstaley wouldn't want them in the fountain! 😂😂#Gamecock4Life https://t.co/SdN5tvngUr
This book has so many pictures, yet I've been reading it for like 2 years now lol I suck at… https://t.co/vAPYW5fpN5
RT @SonderLawliet: omg I've watched this so much lol I love Megumin https://t.co/ffCXIPZNws
Lol i wonder if cube can still afford paying those music shows just to not let highlight win 😝 https://t.co/qnrm4K6Uxh
lol I knew my boyfriend was gonna tweet about how great the movie was 😂❤ I know him tooooooo well.
@_coverbey lol I get that all the time😂
I don't lol , I just be fucked up on ah whole different level.. https://t.co/NciYvuMXtD
@FVGGOTSEVXN lol i saw this tweet on my phone not realizing you mentioned me
@gottalovemek lol i was like what kind of magic was she doing
@iampsdnym lol I was gone say at :36 seconds when he does the whip the car motion 😂
I'm so stupid lol I should have known