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of course this nigga is huge and I can't move him lol I need some food to get his fat ass up
lol I'm so upset at myself I just live treating people like shit
@kirbiejohnson LOL I wasn't giving you attitude that's just how I talk
lol I've never met an Xavier who was a fuckboi, but I can say that any Jordan I've come across are fuckbois lol https://t.co/EK6za7HtTi
@araslanian_ @ohitsroodie LOL... I was gonna say... you remind me of a rock.
lol I'm out 😴😴
lol I don't forget shit even if I act like it
@Mr_Bubbalishus lol I'm not Sexy but I do use the Internet often😉😜😂😂💀 https://t.co/3CwIBmU6Lt
@Kagicles LOL. I'd probably stand there in awe, it would be so euphoric for me, I'm too weird 😒🙈
Just saw the guy I took to my debs on the LUAS & he definitely didn't recognise me lol. I had to remind myself that it's been SEVEN YEARS 😰
Not gonna lie though I do like Shane's eating videos. Lol I LIKE TO WATCH PEOPLE EAT! (Even if he isn't really eating the food)
RT @chrisvisions_: Wish I had some company right now lol I'm bored af
lol I love when I have my mini manias and depressive episodes like work mental health yaaas develop into that full fledged BPD
lol I'm too blunt I'd have said so why you keep touching him??? Or pulled my man away from her. https://t.co/6ylhW3L07c
Wish I had some company right now lol I'm bored af
lol I want a cute date mate who I can lay in bed with and talk about music and beautiful people without them getting upset at me
@xo_emuhlee Lol I feel you on that. Alright Let's
@TOJAEMES LOL I hope for him Pharaoh doesn't love to chew on them. 😂
Oh gosh I bet! I would be flattered too! Lol — I'm like wow this is what's it's like to be back in... https://t.co/b18aL1fdyW
@Anime10121 I thought that OF means Open forum or something lol i guess i was my mistake lol
@TrvpNvstyy lol I would but i have work in 4 hours 🤔