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For the first time in weeks all the girls might actually be around tomorrow... lol. I'm a Lil excited. Only one missing is @_Thee_Daughter
@TheEpicTrees Lol I never rarely ever had soy whenever I was veggie.
@cynfinite @HentaiKyoko lol i only always answer for KC anyway, so that level takes some time to get to.
Oh.... lol I thought $4.99 was good!
LOL, I might just fuck around and sort you out there https://t.co/ldtkQHm8yN
Ignoring dms became a bad habit lol I see shit n go on with my day 😂
@fanatic_u_pgh lol i feel bad for bastian knowing his mommy is a slut on the internet lol. Patrick has to be rolling over in his grave
@jadaxlee just my opinion 😪 lol I love both artists either way
@PrettieCoach305 lol I didn't have service 🤷🏾‍♂️
i'm really crying at the mall lol i'm a joke
RT @BowIOfGames: @NTNN_7 LOL, I read this as "I have faith in the lord" and was so confused
RT @kaileyjoycem: lol I rlly need to quit procrastinating:-)
@HappyBelatedDre LOL! I'll have to watch it this weekend, I haven't had a chance to sit down and see it but I hear it's got some moments lol
@dantudor Lol!! I had some of those too! 😃 #classic @McDonalds
@IndyB_ lol I'm a fool I know
@noneyadang2017 lol I'm not a cryer at all. I just need to keep it classy bc this lady messed up BIG
RT @honayyy1224: @_xoTrenatee @Akyel_23 lol I know .. yalls baby would be cute tho 😭
lol I love this bitch beAT HIS ASS https://t.co/alSZ9Ae3Te
@bryanclark lol. I don't understand why people have kept them, still? Blows my mind.
@txtlefight it's brand new lol, I used it like maybe 5 times. I have the entire packaging and everything. It's a 250$ controller.
@allandm1284 @GeeJayJon @Ross_Greer Lol I learned that in high school, it's literally basic facts, nationalist kryptonite...
lol i don't get why people act fake for other people.. being yourself is not a crime smh
Lol I'm sitting in the kitchen, listening to Somewhere over the Rainbow and nearly crying again. Wohoo mental instability ftw