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@elrealgoose forreeaall... can't remember it but it was lit. Hella took advantage of that night lol I told y'all 😂
@madyyyt lol I just wanna off myself at this point
RT @_shalai: lol I'm single...
@salenamarie__ I'm hella tripping, what is wrong with me? Am I dying ? Lol 😂 I didn't know I had feelings.
RT @taneeeezyy: lol I be going through the most fucked up shit . It's not even sad anymore , it's funny 😭
RT @King_Mufassa_: I don't even let shit bother me lol I just be like "awe...alright" 😂😂
RT @RickyPorter: Dang my last two videos really made a lot of people mad!!!!!!!!! lol I can't be bothered tho
@Pistol__crystal no it doesn't lol I thought we had less
@syd_vlasach speaking of just copped the text lol I cannot be sent in public
lol I really have no friends. Someone text me.
@LIGHTSONKY LOL i meant to say friends 😂 yeah our gc gonna be lit with cute Shawn pics
Lol I love Quinn # Homeland
@nobreaksmc I know lol I'm so excited! I looked at my guest list today and it's like fackkkkk that's a lot of people 😂
NBA gotta switch this shit up lol I'm not tryna watch niggas win 202-206
Ppl beef with me and I don't even know nor care it's not that deep lol I'll live
@telbreezy305 No, kinda regret it lol. I love Henny!
lol I got summoned for jury duty.. WHAT'S NEXT?!
I peep the hoes love you lol — I wish, I'm looking for Mrs. Austin though https://t.co/M9PXiRxL7y
I have a pit in my stomach cause instead of doing my hw.. I'm chillin. lol I feel awful
@AlolanLuigi that's 4 more days than I've driven on the road lol. I've only driven in parking lots :T
@brumalbreeze soft sweating. Lol. I thought maybe it was you spitting as you talk.