#ILikedYouUntil I

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@Missy4Trump Oh my gosh, LOL I have lost my mind, Don't tell my kids I still want to see my grand kids
Bo likes to wait up for Bj.. nope not I! lol I'm too tired. Lmao!
My third convenience store/vending machine drink in this trip LOL I SWEAR I CAME HERE TO SPEND MY LIFE SAVINGS ON K… https://t.co/RPJkYQHehc
@munfess lol i dont think tanggal tanggal begituan penting in a realtionship
@BartLIT59 lol I mean 🤷🏼‍♀️
@jordan_hubbardd @CA_RegalCats lol I'm dead, the "ow" sounds almost like he hurt himself
@Molestronaut @Just_Ami oh my gosh lol, I had no idea..And here even our generics are exciting https://t.co/87aD2EjkQ2
lol i love all the luck i have
RT @onepunchtitty: Link speaks with his actions. also shout out to everyone who gave me shark facts yesterday lol, i plan to utilize t… https://t.co/UFWDaTsWjf
I'm such a brat I'm about to cry and give up on life Bc my computer shut down... lol I'm real life so upset and frustrated rn over that
@AiredMyStripes you should have said something yesterday ! lol I would've saved you some .
lol i forgot it was even season
@Itsmichaaeel lol i don't know what that is !
@takasquid lol I got that one fuck fish
RT @SarahJem_: I'm not a good girl but I'm not a bad girl LOL. I'm just somewhere in the middle. Feel me?
Why you so damn mean god — I'm not mean lol I'm just not as easy as the rest o... https://t.co/LC5bI5cXI5
RT @Dukaness_LMDT: Holy shit the game we all knew was coming is... COMING!! Lol... I'll save my freak out for the beta and/or a releas… https://t.co/VnvXnlfsSv
RT @Timbretiaa: lol I would never do ppl the way they do me 😶
lol i'm used to being ignored, it's nothing new
@hyperlocavore lol I usually wake up between 1-5 so now I'm concerned about several things 🤔
@ChunderPains @MoeMoton lol..I don't think Davis is the one that's getting horned
RT @Sachin_Beepath: lol I only want a girlfriend so i don't get lonely while making beats tbh
RT @DelashaFinan: lol I'm single & chilling
How skinny are you — lol I ain't skinny https://t.co/OPuOPVw9As