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Just watched JaDine in love. Lol. I dunno why.
@DarkenGraphics i got out lol I turned notifications off so he won't hear me
@pokemongoLDN_ lol I've never seen a snorlax 😅
@RamiSebeiGOAT He's annoying now lol, I barely watch him
@Mack90Lucas lol I'd do the same!!! There's a lot of people I have unfinished business with
RT @justinahoe: @camerondallas i need a girl to be my wife lol i know this song
Not because I say bad words, it doesn't mean I'm no longer a good person. Lol. I still have a good heart.
@DidsRainfall lol I know... do you have a chance to go to China for a semester or two? It helped us immensely!
Anyway before I ate this with my mom's boyfriend (plus mozzarella and ham lol I still feel so full) https://t.co/SJwguSIzCn
@Jboogie006 lol I don't know you knowwww! I'm still bloody waiting and my appt was meant to be 11am
RT @justinahoe: @camerondallas i need a girl to be my wife lol i know this song
Lol - I don't care how much it rains today @womensmarch is gonna be hot! @marchforERA https://t.co/tgBksEx52j
@running_chap lol! I can see that being productive...! I'm not even working, I work most weekends just not this one!😊
@edxdzi lol. I don't think that would be their only atm cards since the banks themselves provide atm cards. This would just be 'extra'
lol i can literally never do anything right
@paguio_jeanne lol, i am still a bitch and a spoiled big brat. 😂
@HoudiniMavk_ lol I'll admit Brady made them but even if they go to another team they'll still be good
RT @SarahJWHoward: @JenniferWCox LOL I DID THE SAME!! I ordered a dozen of the previous version and gifted to the fam on xmax 😂😇😇 They… https://t.co/aBCdnCAbG8
@hazzeldb lol I can be your friend! 😘
@Jeffrey_len @RevRodFitz1954 lol I'm mostly amazed at how often I smother my food in sauces haha
@JealousOf_Maya if you go to sleep you can get rid of the boredom and hunger lol I'm bout to wake n bake and get ready for work
@infinitejest lol I don't think I'm gonna be ok at work😭