#ILikedYouUntil I

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lol I'm wide awake where da parties @
@BlakeG_18 lol I've said I wanted TB to go get KB for a while now
If Im some where and leave with my nigga and say I'll be right back... lol I lieddddddddd😂😭
RT @Lin_Manuel: LOL! I wrote that in my twenties! I was single for a minute there. This song came out of it. You can tell I was l… https://t.co/HraaqIP69O
@uhellaugly lol I just ain't seen my lil nigga in hella long
omggg lol... i get embarrassed for some people when they post shit thinking their like cool 😬😬 it just makes me cringe so badddddd
@balboaPb3 no way!!!! I didn't know lol I never see you talk about it!! Fr me too since day one lol
@mattjbatt lol. I think seeing the way it opened up I'd say it's unicron
@Cherish_QueenMo lol I stay chilling ion be wid tha bs
@RudyMonroe_ okaaaaaaay lol I'm tryna get a thang like that 😂😬
i love this picture lol. i said that w/ the jackets they look like they're in a biker gang, & @remichanga screamed… https://t.co/mb7uNC2K7R
@cherryperson choose what? What are we choosing? Lol I'm a bit confused now too
@kelseykay123 oh lol I'm sorry still love you and I'll be home in a few days bby girl 😘 you won't have to do Christmas alone 😂
lol I'm soo dumb💁🏻
why even bother lol i know you don't care
@rossgiovanni9 lol I haven't used Instagram in years
Lol I'd never heard that term before. I assume it's meant as an insult. Liberals really are racist. They make every… https://t.co/Pq3pa2uRCB
@kgelera13 @ShibbyMintay LOL I legit laughed at this omg ahahaha
@toniiiyoung lol I'm slightly confused
RT @Barzmusic906: @2amSym hmj real quick lol I wanna know more about the page !
@kellymasumiya LOL I should rephrase ... "that live in LA" haha
@CasuallyHuman edit it? But if you want lol I'm not worried bout getting a present so you don't have to