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90% of the reason I watched this show was for the obnoxious song. #ILikeCheese https://t.co/8J5xEH3flc
Back to life, back to reality #beans #ilikecheese no 5-star meal or bed for me tonight 😩 https://t.co/CFJ76R3YSw
happy birthday, babes! have an amazing day. ily 💕😈 #ilikecheese @melanieee_D https://t.co/xKk5OMgKaV
Dear @netflix and @hulu If either one of you could add #LoiterSquad to your list, I would be forever grateful. #ilikecheese
@BocaScottVip @jen_lilley @ericmartsolf I havent watched to DAYS episode yet. Cant wait to see what you are talking about #ilikecheese lol