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Old,its nothing but "Treasures..." Treasures never gets old,just more "Valuable" in time o.- #ihatequotes #KingNeptune -g2
Put a good faith and let God take care the rest of it. 🍀 . . #quotes #faith #ihatequotes… https://t.co/ApjCl1qR3A
I'm so sorry if you don't like my honesty, but to be fair, I don't like your lies. #ihatequotes
RT @ihatequotes: Sometimes someone has to hurt you deep enough to make you realize how better your life is without them in it. #ihatequotes
RT @ihatequotes: If you're not happy being single. You'll never be happy in a relationship. Love when you're ready. Not when you're lonely. #ihatequotes
RT @ihatequotes: When someone sees you at your worst and still thinks you look your best, that is someone worth keeping. #ihatequotes
RT @ihatequotes: You never know how much you love someone, until the thought of them being with another person is enough to break your heart. #ihatequotes
RT @ihatequotes: I wish my brain had a map to tell me where my heart should go. #ihatequotes
Choose a person who makes an effort to be with you. Not the man who remembers you only when he has no alternatives.#ihatequotes
RT @ihatequotes: When God is all you have then all you have is all you need. #ihatequotes