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I really want to start getting back into the gym grind and be fit and be a better me!!💪 #igotthis
Every weeknight I present the #IRZ Instant Request Zone from 6pm-7pm. If it’s in my library I’ll play it next. Hit… https://t.co/MqVeltVCiw
Got 6 Goals For Next Year & Imma Do All Of Them ✔🙌🏾🙏🏾☺ #IGotThis
When your Behavior Specialist is gone and it's just you and 775 Ss for the day...@fuentbu1 I'll take that Route 44… https://t.co/xnB5UA9Trt
One more day of work Jesus!! 🙌🏽 #Igotthis
Around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and around and aroun… https://t.co/Efy8uC4tCV
I normally don’t tweet personal details... just a lot of opinionated rants... but today I’m a little proud of mysel… https://t.co/TWAvnLFOy4
Current weight 204 lbs - 6 muscle ups + 12 dips + 5 pull ups & a Failed front lever 🙅🏻‍♂️😂 but + a SMILE 😊… https://t.co/J7KtbOsUYf
This week is killing me..... only 6.5 days to go of work. #IGotThis #ChristmasBreakCountDown
RT @LawrenceSapp1: National Championships starts in 2 days! #beastmode #igotthis @Para_swimming @USParalympics @USParaSwimming… https://t.co/rSkDWXlBkl
It ain’t all good, but it ain’t all bad either 💚 2019 GONE be better though 🥰 #IGotThis ‼️💪🏼
I want to picked for @vitaminwater #nophoneforayear #contest because I feel it would be hilarious to film me orderi… https://t.co/NbCaCSvXTn
"what you’d do instead of scrolling with hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest," Well I would be able to prepare… https://t.co/7YkrhH9Wf3
RT @AudiationMag: The future’s there for you to take it Tell yourself everyday – You’re Amazing! Breathe in, breathe out, Believe… https://t.co/6HBRRX3tRW
I've been so happy with my Pinterest growth this week! In just a few days, my views have skyrocketed from 2K to alm… https://t.co/H4ky3NX0g3
@4CamilaBFans @camilabanus JJ found Gabi’s necklace & Lani even tries to help JJ find more evidence #PickMe🙋🏽‍♀️… https://t.co/K0bIGQyhGP