Tweets about a recent trend: #idontbelieveit

@AnnCoulter well that puts honest Abe to shame #idontbelieveit
You go to his house to discuss a video job and he pulls a gun on you? #yeahright #idontbelieveit https://t.co/FgiLIQ1af8
Is the weather actually going to be crappy for consecutive days? #idontbelieveit @jreineron7
Sean Penn could find and coordinate a meeting with el chapo but the government was clueless on his whereabouts?! 😭 #idontbelieveit
*Requisite extra inning Rick Camp joke* #Cubs #IdontBelieveIt
Met a boater who wasn't impressed with the #riverweaver what!!! #Idontbelieveit
According to https://t.co/4zBwj57MUz people choose chain coffee over independent because chains serve weaker coffee. #idontbelieveit
Owen Smith says a £138,000 p.a. pay packet is “well and truly in the top 1% in the country” and £70,000 salary is top 10%. #idontbelieveit
Is it true? if this again a hit job v want explanation from the Secy as her name is used dominantly #IDontBelieveIt https://t.co/AHUzAs130B
Nothing says "Good morning" like a fire alarm at 3 am in the morning #IDontBelieveIt #wannagotobed #ThisIsBS