Tweets about a recent trend: #HoeSitDown

Then, she wants to show love to Beyoncé for manifesting Oshun then switch up and do a rant about Santeria. #HoeSitDown
How you gone prepare a seat at a table that you ain't eem invited to? #hoesitdown https://t.co/xg5tNBOxal
This will never die!!!!!!!!! #HoeSitDown *rings bell* The best segment ever 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂… https://t.co/PSpNRECeU8
Hoes getta Splenda daddy & think they up! 😂😂😂 #HoeSitDown
If it's anything I can't stand it's a insecure weak minded ass bitch #HoeSitDown
Hey Beyoncé. Even Kim won't show her ass after Nicki gets on stage. #HoeSitDown
These hoes love showing out over niggas that ain't even theirs..#hoesitdown 😤😂
Bitches swear up and down they bad bitches, but eat McDonald's!!! #hoesitdown