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RT @ruslaanmumtaz: All mothers are beautiful but i have pictures to prove mine is the prettiest in the world. #HappyMothersDay http://t.co/Yg46zWcS5E
RT @SenRichardBlack: #HappyMothersDay to all mothers and especially my wife, Barbara. https://t.co/n9rA30wpgI
RT @QueenxGHadid: #HappyMothersDay to one of the most beautiful and strongest woman @YolandaHFoster 👑💜 https://t.co/y9jck0BdNP
RT @tdmiller820917: @realGpad @jarpad #HappyMothersDay #poetry A Mother's Day poem for Genevieve Padalecki by Tracy Diane Miller https://t.co/9HbwVyIjk1
RT @prattprattpratt: My mom's not on Twitter. But trust me she's the best. #happymothersday You gave us everything. #GodIsGood https://t.co/KjtiiHqwhi