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I'm celebrating having a day in which no one has been bellowing down me ear 'ole, and we have had the loveliest pha… https://t.co/4fD8eC5ZpD
We love a good movies & screenings night at @GigiAmanata! 🎞️ What are some movies, documentaries, or interviews yo… https://t.co/tuIWZUnvnM
@MattSBN And his name is Friday, and he committed on a Friday, so dads everywhere have gotta be pretty psyched. #GoodFriday
RT @CCOnlineCampus: #GoodFriday Our perfect Savior took upon Himself an imperfect world because of #love #FlashbackFriday… https://t.co/l61yrnQMKK
Red Bottoms and haircut make it a #GoodFriday
And my barber just blessed me with the fresh line up! #goodFriday
It's #GoodFriday. Did you know lowered expectations are totally a form of self care? It's true. Lighten up, and lighten your load.
'Every day is like a journey into the unknown,There’s so much to take in,so much to think about,but less time,& it’… https://t.co/00dnwUfcTU
Just got a fancy office job in the 21st floor in the l👀p #goodfriday
RT @ArtistasZona: RT ArtistasZona: #GoodFriday | #Photography #contemporaryart | "She Knocked on the Door" is a photographic project… https://t.co/Q0qcBgNOnq
@Nikolai_Avenger no we voted to leve the EU? or didn't you read the ballot paper? we did not vote to leave the… https://t.co/f6aPfsjaLS
New Porches album out ✨💦💥 #goodfriday
Passed my drug test high. #goodfriday