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@politico he has no degree ethics committee arrive my strong arms too world wide. Make sure he understand y ethical. #godishere
@regrann from mellymels_bison - Broken Beauty; A Journey to Restoration Conference #Godisherehttps://t.co/567lo1U9ae
#deusestáaqui #godishere Bóg jest tu, Bóg jest tam! Bóg jest w każdym z nas i w sercu Go mam! Światłem jest, w... https://t.co/XMtNlKZq1g
#deusestáaqui #godishere Bóg jest tu, Bóg jest tam! Bóg jest w każdym z nas i w sercu Go… https://t.co/7HQzA2ENw9
24. As you meditate on the word of God, you will find steps to take on the outside. #GodIsHere so connect the outside from the inside
22. Joshua 1:8A This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night...#GodIsHere
22. Your word is the vehicle that will carry what goes on the inside of you outside. This is how the INSIDE CONNECT the OUTSIDE. #GodIsHere
14.Whatever you are hoping from outside must take its root from its inside. Start connecting your business from inside. #GodIshere
12.It is from the conditions of our heart that God will reach and touch the conditions of our life. #GodIsHere
11. Now where is this change and repentance going to take place…the inside of your heart and that is the inside connection. #GodIsHere.
You must change your mindset, thinking and position so that you can get better things. #GodIsHere .
9. You have gone out trying to gather, breakthrough, breakeven and get new customers but things are not changing. #GodIsHere
8. Having gone through the 8months of 2016, you need to reconsider your mindset & thinking pattern. Re-evaluate your connections #GodIsHere
7. You have to move out of your state of ignorance by changing your stand and position on something. #GodIsHere
3.But there is one thing God will say to your ignorance- Repent ye for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. Matthew 4:17. #GodIsHere.
2.God is aware of our ignorance as we go in our everyday business activities. #GodIsHere.
1.Welcome, and thank you for joining the conversation-THE INSIDE OUTSIDE CONNECTION. #GodIsHere
COUNTDOWN: You are invited to join me in the conversation at 5pm right here. INSIDE OUTSIDE CONNECTION. #GodIsHere https://t.co/skSQD8qoPH
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You know ya gotta hit up Cades Cove when you're in Tennessee!! ❤️󾁆󾓬󾓦 #CadesCove #grateful #GodIsHere
One of my most favorite places to think and pray. #godishere https://t.co/EvHMFnwvXq