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Anyone saying #MichaelThomas made a dirty hit is an idiot... clearly wasn't intentional. #GetOverIt
@SimonSaran Do you have anything else to talk about ? #getoverit #sameoldrecord
@DanChavez24 Still living on bounty gate I see. Figured I’d get one of these. #getoverit
@dadlife13 They already said he's going to be back next season #getoverit
Saints. Is y'all nervous? Or is y'all scared? Cause y'all is something! #GetOverIt
They should check the office out 😂😂 #getoverit #ilovethejokes https://t.co/hONaSyEQGW
Many threatened to move to Canada if Trump won in 2016. Why Canada? Why not Haiti, El Salvador, Africa? Are they r… https://t.co/8ik3Hq8ZCo
Actually, U R showing that U'R the racist by advancing ur party's racist agenda w/ all these lies. #ULost #GetOverIt https://t.co/sqgtmRt4Dl
True first world problems...forgetting the parmesan #cbb #getoverit
So over the shithole story! We've all referred to a place as such. Maybe even your grandmothers house. #getoverit #MoveOn
@paulsperry_ @realDonaldTrump I mean, are we STILL talking about Hilary in an effort to distract people from the sh… https://t.co/gDKtNHDzX0
@getnickwright @McClain_on_NFL It is jags/pats next weekend. The Steelers and titans can play at a neutral site and… https://t.co/EKkrF66Rxi
Always make sure that your desired outcome is greater than your past failures #GetOverIt
Back in the day @nbcsnl used to be funny! Now they're just hateful, mean spirited, anti-American, Trump bashing, pa… https://t.co/QPlUBAGL43
The greatest enemy to your expectant end is living in the past #GetOverIt
@HennyOmega My apologies..it was a wild card game...I didn't realize level of embarrassment had a sliding scale dep… https://t.co/riNE9XcYwu
@Forbes pro black = anti everyone else = racist! Pro ANY-COLOR- = anti everyone else= racist! Like Morgan Freema… https://t.co/1xBMQvZM81
I'm still so sad that Christmas is over. #GetOverIt
@IFckngH8This Get a life and stop hating 👍🏻 they are doing what they like the most #getoverit