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Today's hindsight lesson: some people are genuinely just fucking stupid. #hindsight #lifelesson #wtf #people #stupid #getaclue
@realDonaldTrump @TVAnews Are you really this ignorant or just playing to your base. #GetAClue
@MrLedward AND Billy for holding a grudge/issue w/Frank when he was the one who started EVERYTHING by setting him u… https://t.co/FMQ58mr24u
@DoctorsHouseof @jtLOL Dude, gain some perspective. A bunch of white Europeans founded the colonies. Then brought… https://t.co/0K96TD1rXe
RT @bcd318: @ByronYork Reread what you wrote. Trumps the only one who hasn’t shared his returns since before <BEFORE> Nixon. #getaclue
@ByronYork Reread what you wrote. Trumps the only one who hasn’t shared his returns since before <BEFORE> Nixon. #getaclue
@TyYo824 @BrownsForum @mikefreemanNFL @brentsobleski I almost made it through the thread without replying to any of… https://t.co/to9bXDBdcG
@AOC Like, how old are you ? Like, have you even gotten to puberty yet ? Seriously, your age shows..frankly, you're… https://t.co/A40lEs2nAu
RT @Jason4CrudeOil: @efoster_eric @kasy68 @jcvolt @ABCPolitics @realDonaldTrump Are you stupid? There were tens of thousands that could… https://t.co/HhT5FeHAli
RT @whizkids: @ChelseaClinton "We must bring them to heel." - Your Mother. #GETACLUE
@ChelseaClinton "We must bring them to heel." - Your Mother. #GETACLUE
@JessicaPost17 @ItsMyNindo @CarsleyGolf @TwitterLive Were they supposed to go straight back to their rooms when don… https://t.co/5tw9nxDu77
@DLamontJenkins @theGfunk @MSNBC They won’t arrest this man because he was a plant. We’ll never even learn his name… https://t.co/nRYXHVAN3n
@AOC @washingtonpost Seriously, you are not too bright are you? #getaclue
@KamalaHarris Let’s call your assessment of the tax cut for what it is... an inaccurate and irresponsible usage of… https://t.co/QDyxUMYrIN
@AOC @washingtonpost He has done more than u ever will u ignorant woman. How people take u serious is beyond me. Gr… https://t.co/OLVQcMX4ge
You’re exactly right.... it’s about the kids @stevensharter....... Sports are about teaching the kids life lessons… https://t.co/Fnc0wGub1l
What marriage? If a man hides a porn habit from his wife like he's hiding it from his mommy, there is no marriage.… https://t.co/XLHx2tmhUb
Just in case the jealous, and immature lunatic Dems have not noticed, President Trump has been in Office for 2 year… https://t.co/JDeT3Le89k
@m_donnelly4u @TeamTrump HaHa! The sheriff of El Paso! Is that kinda like Beto, you know who had a few hundred show… https://t.co/JIipP1cTkk
Edmonton, the city you will hate getting around in #yeg #yegtraffic #GetAClue https://t.co/T7HQKFlGZE
@SenFeinstein He didn't "force" anything. Pelosi did. #GetAClue