Tweets about a recent trend: #FuckOuttaHere

Anyone else see that bullshit of flavor flav singing a recent ass new song all auto tune. #FuckOuttaHere
Women are trash and it's not really a question if I'm right or wrong some can be saved but nonetheless still trash… https://t.co/gmXovejxWi
I need better friends. I'm tired of the bs. They always tired, broke, want to be driven or don't plan meet ups then complain. #FuckOuttaHere
Man there's some fucking snakes I used to call boys #fuckouttahere
A bitch just told me to take my giants jersey off while mac dre was playing 😂 #fuckouttahere
Women in #LA, what's with the fucking floppy hats and ankle length Afghan shit.. #fuckouttahere
Black people please do not I repeat do not start hating on #FillUpOrlandoStadium Please! If someone starts, #FuckOuttaHere!
#fuckthat #fuckouttahere nigga please ✌️️✌️️✌️️✌️️✌️️✌️️🙄🙄… https://t.co/kt0J6qqFkk
Well I just found someone else who doesn't accept how busy I am in life 👌🏽😁 #fuckouttahere
Can we acknowledge the fact that Ben Mayes could've thrown him open? This guy is in the big leagues and throwing du… https://t.co/F2Vhge1MvA
Kapernick amd his doische ass supporters need to be showed the door at the border. #fuckouttahere
Madden17 will have an update that will show Keapernick sitting during the National Anthem #FuckOuttaHere
I ain't your 1am booty call, bye @ you! 😒 #FuckOuttaHere https://t.co/7nVILRPpFg
We're ur boyfriend so we can defend him cuz u look beat up too #fuckouttahere #freebreezy https://t.co/YTBzPxf6Aq
Dont expect to be treated with respect when you cant even respect yourself, your family or anyone else. #FuckOuttaHere