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RT @CalebTucker23: RT if your from the 940: Archer city Burkburnett Childress Chillicothe Cee vee Decatur Electra Haskell Henrietta… https://t.co/lbL6jlRO8d
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RT @camerondallas: RT if you’re a snack
RT @iAnkurSingh: RT if you stand with Republic's journalism, Like if you stand with The Wire's journalism https://t.co/TH6Rz3diXt
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RT @Cubs_Live: RT if you think the Cubs should welcome back Sammy Sosa. Provided so much excitement at Wrigley Field. https://t.co/Ath6hi8LT2
RT @TheHumaneLeague: RT if you agree that ALL animals should be able to live this peacefully! 💚🐷💚 #LoveAllAnimals https://t.co/8x7LyyW6YS
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RT @deadIychim: remember when jk said "I want to be a singer that people can proudly and not being embarrased to say that 'I am f… https://t.co/i76OeXrWjn
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RT @wolfhrdt: RT if you think they look amazing and people need to stop judging https://t.co/WwXEWGdKBV
RT @MyHoeStory: Rt if you remember any of these. Let’s know who is not our mate . https://t.co/Py9tS3vkT8
RT @bangtansannjii: ARMYS!! i can't believe 'run' has not reached 1M views on youtube yet. that's definetly something we have to wo… https://t.co/D2jbQKPkEe
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RT @Rouvafe: RT if you believe her school fees should have been used for Pepper soup and Beer 😂😂 https://t.co/qF5ZUATwXo
RT @shoe0nhead: rt if ur a member of the LGBT mafia https://t.co/AqO7BTWQA0
RT @Abdinoorx2: RT if you were born with these natural instincts https://t.co/lBHrc4PsWk