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RT @justinbieberRT1: RT if you love #justinBieber (:
RT @_BiggBossfan_: @BiggBoss is all about winning hearts,making connection with audience ❤ And this season Only one person who managed… https://t.co/0Mski4oQBD
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RT @alexkoeberle: Friday afternoon naps RT if u agree
RT @DaaruBaazMehta: Hmmm RT if You see a similarity!! https://t.co/Q2io83P0pI
RT @BOOOMBGUY: RT if you Write Jaga Jaga first... https://t.co/Kb6Xd1VG1t
RT @AmyBFrieder: Kim Davis refused to issue @DErmold’s marriage cert in KY. Now, he may run against her. RT if he should https://t.co/WSXbbV3qEG @cmclymer
RT @zarasglory: RT if they won't be missed at all https://t.co/QNuizpoohJ
RT @peta2: RT if you agree 🙏💕 https://t.co/IDogntNoNx
RT @JamzLdnKmt: RT if you’d never have a WCW that uses the word ‘soccer’ https://t.co/8JB0V1rxnv
RT @GreenPIanet: RT If you want to smoke this! https://t.co/aeQKlKNlI3
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RT @JanosUpdatesEU: RT if we should send out Christmas Cards to y’all again! 😝 https://t.co/UBNZV8zxY1
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RT @jacksfilms: RT if you're excited it's Friday! Like if you think turkeys are slow, dumb animals that would gladly hop straight… https://t.co/K72revCjBH
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RT @doubtinggaurav: RT if you think @rahulroushan should head BJP IT cell instead of Amit Malviya
RT @MCFCworld: RT if you used to go Maine Road and are still pinching yourself... #mcfc
RT @Prefactgril: | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| | RT if u miss | | Someone! | |________|   ∧∧ || ゚д゚) ||   / づ"
RT @NoHoesGeorge: RT if you DON’T know wtf going on https://t.co/txlWhT0jYf
RT @broebong: rt if u ugly but not that ugly but u still ugly