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@bstjohnbrown Mr W needs to stop chatting as want to go read #Flywithme @ChanelCleeton which I am loving then starting A Brit on the Side x
Tomorrow we back on this vibe.. #flywithme 🙏🏾❤️ https://t.co/kZOVq2vJln
Que Superman ni que nada, tengo a #SuperDrew que más quiero 😍😍😍 @AndrewLarranaga 😘😘❤ You're my hero #FlyWithMe 💨🙊 Good Nigth 💤
🔥 FUEGO 🔥 like kevin hart says.. Lets bring some fire on these b*tches #ymfc #flywithme https://t.co/En5ioEq3lF
RT @LetrasJonas: "Peter Pan e Wendy, foram felizes, então você quer voar comigo?" #FlyWithMe